Year End Garden & Hydroponics

It is warm & humid so our garden is continuing to grow. I remember several years ago pulling out the garden mid September. Vegetables are still producing. We are at the end of our growing season but will take all the extra vegetables we can! I dice the tomatoes & freeze them for soups or stew maybe 🌶 chili!

Not Quite Done Garden

While the outside garden continues to produce…we have a Hydroponic Garden started inside (total science experiment) so who knows how this will all work out? It’s exciting to see the results. The Hydroponic Garden will produce vegetables year round…we hope.🤞🏻

Outside Garden
Homegrown Outside Tomato

In the midst of finishing up our outdoor garden, we are starting a Hydroponic Indoor Garden.

Total Science Experiment-Hydroponic Garden

We are venturing into the unknown…it’s beyond our comfort zone.

1st Hydroponic Green Bean!
Hydroponic Green Bean working the cable!
Cabling the 🍅 Vegetables

Stay tuned as I am sure there will be updates. Thank you for reading!:)

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