Praying the Rosary

I was raised Catholic, very active at church. I know I learned about the rosary, but I never prayed the rosary, so therefore I did not know how the rosary is prayed. I have heard the recommendation over the years, “Pray the Rosary!” I did not know how. I have not pursued this desire to learn how to pray the rosary until…while closet cleaning this summer, I ran across the book below.

Book I use and my Rosary (A gift from my daughter)

I decided to learn how to pray the rosary. I taught Catechism for many years, this book was part of our supplies for the students. I use it as my guide as well as other resources.

What I learned by doing my research into saying the rosary is there is a rhythm to it. I religiously followed the book. I found an online resource that says the rosary which has helped me tremendously get the rhythm down. Praying Rosary Guide. Another resource is Fr. Frank Pavone Praying the Rosary

Tonight when I said the rosary it was for a very sick young lady who is suffering and her family is not ready to let her go. I believe in the power of prayer.

This page is a diagram of how to say the rosary
If you have forgotten any of the prayers…this book has everything you need to say the Rosary

Praying the Rosary is calming and meditative for me, it helps me put everything in perspective. I usually do my rosary in the evening toward the end of the day. The power of prayer is powerful. Pray for yourself, your loved ones, friends, your community. Pray for hope when you lose it and forgiveness when you need it or to give forgiveness to another person. I hope this post helps anyone looking for inspiration for praying the rosary.

Update: My husband and I are both saying the Rosary together now! It is wonderful to share!:)

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