Part 1: 2023 Garden – Getting Started!

This year we did our starts at the beginning of March. We started beans, tomatoes, and cucs. We had lettuce seeds that we decided to plant when we put in the garden. We have expanded our small garden a little. We have the same space that has tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers. Mid May Freshly [...]

Part 2: Praying the Rosary Community!

I wrote a piece about "Praying the Rosary" in 2021. At that time, I found some rosaries and "How to Say the Rosary" booklets. I had been a catechism teacher. I always envied people who could fluently say and more importantly know the rosary so effortlessly. It was as though they could say it in [...]

Spring 2023 Door County

We went to Door County with my daughter and our son-in-law. Sister Bay - Door County Friday, April 28th we arrived, settled in and went to dinner at Nightingale Supper Club. Great spirits and food that set the mood for kicking off a fun weekend. Saturday, April 29th the weather was rainy. We started out [...]

Mother’s Day Brunch

I was blessed this year to be treated to a Mother’s Day Brunch my family prepared for me! Scrumptious Brunch! My daughters and my son-in-law made a delicious brunch for their dad and myself. Our menu was: a crustless quiche with bacon, strip steak (so good!), fried potatoes cooked to perfection with seasoning, peppers, onion [...]


I have not blogged in several months. I retired one month ago, and I am so pleased with my decision. Since my last blog, at the end of October, I have been busy getting procedures written for my replacement. I worked in education as a paraprofessional for the last 21 + years. When I started, [...]

1983 … 2022 Calendar Celebrating Our Anniversary

Today is our anniversary. Fun fact, the 1983 calendar (39 years ago) is the same calendar as 2022. We married on Friday, October 28th, 1983. Today, thirty-nine years later, our anniversary falls on Friday, October 28th, 2022. We went to our favorite place. We had a very quiet table. When the server came over, he [...]

Part 4: 2022 Garden – Autumn Harvest Done – Bye Bye Garden!

I could have written more articles; our garden was amazing this year! What a blessing! The picture below is what we gathered after taking out the garden. This amount is a little more than what we were getting on a weekly basis, it kept us busy! We blanched many tomatoes. My husband is retired, so [...]

Lunching with My Sisters

A Table with “A View” You know how Covid made it difficult to gather? Today, my sisters and I got together for lunch. I have four sisters...I am the middle one. Maybe it's like "What is the big deal?" We do not live near one another. Gathering requires a little logistics and planning. I have [...]

Part 3: 2022 Garden – Finally it’s Time!

Our garden is doing so well this year! We have had a little more rain than we usually do. Rain is Mother Nature's Hydration. Beans & Lettuce Many tomatoes getting ready Let's Go! Beans ready to be picked! Sunday Harvest Everything tastes so good! Hoping to continue the enjoyment of harvesting more vegetables. Have a [...]

Part 2: 2022 Garden – The Garden is Taking Off!

I have been waiting this year to post. I’m learning I get impatient, so I post even though I should wait. This year…I waited. My mother always told me, “patience is a virtue.” 2022 Garden Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce New Garden Trellis for Bush Beans 2022 Tomatoes Up Close & Personal Tomatoes Seeing all the [...]