When Does a Father Grow into a Dad?

I was blessed to grow up with a dad that took care of his family, provided for us, made sure we had what we needed to grow into successful adults.  My dad modeled parenting for me.  His parenting style evolved over the years as his children got older.  The reality is being married, having kids, [...]

The Key to Summer Reading? Invest in Children’s Reading Lives All Year — Nerdy Book Club

It’s easier to maintain my reading life in the summer. Scorching Texas days provide excuses to lie under the ceiling fan and read all afternoon. Occasionally, I stay up all night binge reading—burning through epic historicals or fantasies in one sitting. I travel quite a bit during the summer, and books keep me company. […] via [...]

My Story through Blogging

When my father was ill twenty years ago...he decided to write his autobiography.  He knew he was terminally ill and he had to quickly get down his thoughts.  Family members worked with him to get this very important project done before he passed away.  We, my brothers and sisters all received a hardcover autobiography book [...]

Easter Bread Divided by 4!

  There is something about these holidays that makes me feel nostalgic.  My husband and I used to go to one of his relatives during the holidays.  Often when we were there during the visit, his relative would gift us with Easter Bread.  This went on for a number of years, and one day I [...]

Confessions of an Empty Nester

We have two daughters, and when they were young, I had a brief period as a "stay at home" mom.  We spent a lot of quality time together going to the library, visiting friends and family, dance lessons, the zoo and museums.  In the summers, we would go to the pool or beach, swim lessons, [...]

Are You Working the Holiday?

This piece is dedicated to all the industries that are open 365 days a year...so there are no holidays, no days off, those industries do not close.  I think of; First Responders, Healthcare Workers, Airline employees, people working in the Food Industry during the holidays. See thats the thing...some of us are fortunate to have [...]

The Story of How We Met…

There are so many different options today for singles to meet a potential significant other.  Meeting someone can happen at an event or someplace you go, friends can set you up on a blind date and there are various online dating sites.  Back "in the day" before the internet, before Match.com and the other dating [...]

Life is about Balance

Balancing One's Life... We start out with hopes & dreams that translate into family, careers and responsibilities.  As Life happens, ambition replaces idealistic hopes and with families to support we end up finding our life is out of balance.  Out of balance is  a shift in the status quo...working long hours to the point that [...]