Forgiveness…its a Gift you Give Yourself!

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Do you have lukewarm relationship with your parent(s), sibling(s) or a friend?

Have you ever had a disagreement with a loved one?

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How about a difference of opinion in the workplace with your boss, or maybe it was a coworker?

Have you ever missed out on an amazing opportunity, for example a potential job?

Have you felt disappointment, despair, complete and total loneliness over strained relations.

I have had many situations that have happened throughout the years that could have caused me to be disappointed, bitter, resentful and angry. I chose a different path…Forgiveness. Its one of the hardest and most painful choices I have ever made.

We had a son, born 15 weeks premature. He was born with a myriad of medical issues that ultimately lead to his passing away at 14 months old. As sad and tragic as this situation was, I chose to live my life in honoring his memory. Forgiveness is a huge part of that process. To have a baby pass away before the parent is unnatural. I needed to forgive to be able to move forward. Give a reprieve to the healthcare professionals who tirelessly cared for him. We can get angry with God, “Why did you allow this happen?” God did not cause our son’s medical condition, however God helped both of us come out the other side together!

We were blessed to have more children, two daughters! Our daughters are amazing, wonderful and accomplished confident young women! Everyday I count my blessings, and when something happens, which it inevitably will…I begin with forgiveness when:

  • The person on the road who cuts me off
  • A social gathering I find out about, but was not invited to
  • Approaching a line at the grocery store to get cut off by someone else
  • The political environment feels BiPolar! Respecting each other’s POV
  • “Peopling” with rude angry people…Period!

I believe my ability to forgive is about my own spiritual, mental and emotional well being. I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. I also know I have struggled in my past…I was grateful for the people in my life that gave me the benefit of the doubt. Thank you dad & mom! 😇♥️

Just “Payin’ it Forward…”

Who can You Forgive Today? It is liberating. I’d like to say it releases toxins, but I think it just feels like the right thing to do!!!

Have a Great Day!

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