Do You Get “The Winter Blues?”

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All the festivities of the holidays are over, the tax season has officially begun. We have seen our first big snow storm, the temperatures are dropping, and this is the time of year, when I can “get in a funk.”

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I have to conscientiously keep myself motivated and positive during this doldrum month…

I meditate, I listen to music that inspires me, I have a devotional I read every morning, a gratitude journal to count my blessings. During this time, I clean closets, I organize, I do things that help me to be productive and feel accomplished. I like to read, so I can have at least 2-3 books I toggle between. This blog is a creative outlet, it helps me focus my thoughts and try new features. My other passion is cooking. I like to make different recipes, try new ones, get creative. My ingenuity provides me a growth mindset, helps me explore outside my comfort zone.

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Lastly, I keep in touch with family and friends. Having a support system during this time of year, when the the sun sets between 4:30-5:00p.m. can make even the best day seem longer. I make sure I get plenty of rest, eat properly and exercise. I will make hot tea as a treat for myself, it’s medicinal and warm, helps me sleep at night. We try a few times a week to have cozy evenings with a fire in our fireplace.

Hoping your January is full of adventure, quality family and friend time, a great book if you like to read, amazing music, winter activities such as sledding, skiing if that’s your “thing” or coffee with friends.

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