Spring Break Stay-cationing

Last year we took a trip during Spring Break to Greenville, SC. It was exciting to plan and look forward to. We had a great time exploring and discovering a new region and area.

This year, we decided to stay home or “Stay-cation” during Spring Break. As the time approached coworkers would mention the warm climates, beaches, and resorts they were traveling to, the mountains, the amusements, the family time they would have…it sounded wonderful, so much fun and I was a little melancholy that I was stuck at home.

We made no set plans, we just let our “Stay-cation” evolve! We had a day in a nearby town with a walk, some lunch, very relaxing, able to connect! One day we went to get ice cream cones in the middle of the day just because we could!

I realized “Stay-cationers” get the place to themselves as everyone has left town! Finding a table, making reservations was not a problem, able to talk without yelling over other patrons or restaurant noise!

We went to a Flower & Garden Show, which after the Polar Vortex Winter, made my ♥️ happy to see all the colorful flowers, tulips in particular!

Lighting feature display from Flower & Garden Show

So many things to explore and do…it was fun to see all the flowers, yard lighting, ideas for patios.

This photo is from a Tablescape Competition! This was our favorite Tablescape!

For me Spring Break Stay-cationing was about hitting “the reset” button…quiet, calming, a few “spring cleaning” chores were accomplished but the majority of the time was spent visiting with family and friends, connecting and rejuvenating! Stay-cationing was a slice of heaven with no schedule, little traffic, adventures to experience, family and friends to see, one of the best Spring Breaks!

Whatever you did for Spring Break…hope you had fun, adventures, some take out or dining out, play dates or sleepovers for the kids…memories are always waiting to be made ♥️…Happy Spring Break 2019!

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