Blogging…a Family Affair

My daughter recently started a blog. I was not crazy about the name at first. As I get older I realize I need to let things “marinate.” As the name grew on me, I realized this was a perfect name for my daughter’s new blog site.

If you decide to take the time to read her blog, you will soon learn why she chose She has persevered over every obstacle put in her way through hard work, determination and self reflection which has developed into confidence and that =‘s improved self esteem. She is fearless and adventurous!

My mother was a writer. She wrote poetry. I am a writer, I write about my life lessons. My daughter is a writer. She can tell a ”nail-biting, sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat” story. She does a beautiful job with her ability to craft a story. Each of us with our own unique writing style.

Blogging 💡 Ideas

Please check out her site. Her writing style has a raw vulnerability, that draws in the reader. At the bottom of her page, is a place to follow her site by entering your email.

Thank you for the support you give me!:)

Stay tuned, I will blog about what my other daughter does in her spare time!

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