My Story through Blogging

When my father was ill twenty years ago...he decided to write his autobiography.  He knew he was terminally ill and he had to quickly get down his thoughts.  Family members worked with him to get this very important project done before he passed away.  We, my brothers and sisters all received a hardcover autobiography book [...]


A New Kind of Book Club by Sarah FitzHenry

Book clubs. As educators, we love them – but for student participants, they can be intimidating. Some students aren’t strong readers; others don’t like talking in front of groups; some reader… Source: A New Kind of Book Club by Sarah FitzHenry

House Painting is like Math…

This summer my husband and I had specific goals for a number of house painting projects.  All the projects were outdoors, our shutters, front porch and back porch.  There is only one problem...I am not a good painter!  I try, I really try.  For me, House Painting is like Math...I don't get it!  It starts [...]

Our NOLA Adventure!

When we took this trip to New Orleans last Fall I was not blogging.  So I am a little late in blogging about this amazing trip that was a whirlwind!  We were traveling during the end of a backlash of a hurricane.  All the travel alerts on my phone told me to "reschedule."  Thank God [...]

“Enable vs. Empower”

Is it possible to be an Empowerer yet once in awhile enable?  I believe I am an Empowerer!  Yet in some situations, if I am honest with myself, I can enable.  For me, people who view themselves as victims can be my kryptonite and I'll find myself slipping into "Enabler."  I start out as helping, [...]