Mother’s Day Brunch

I was blessed this year to be treated to a Mother’s Day Brunch my family prepared for me!

Scrumptious Brunch!

My daughters and my son-in-law made a delicious brunch for their dad and myself. Our menu was: a crustless quiche with bacon, strip steak (so good!), fried potatoes cooked to perfection with seasoning, peppers, onion and sausage, fresh berry medley with my daughter’s homemade whipped cream, and Blueberry Cinnamon Coffeecake.

A feast!

I’m so glad no one asked me what my favorite item was we ate. The quiche, made by my eldest daughter was tasty, with the bacon, the cheese and vegetables all combined so perfectly. The strip steak was cooked exactly the way I like it, medium rare, seasoned properly. I love potatoes; fried, mashed, baked, as chips…so I have to be so careful not to overeat. These potatoes were so delicious again with the seasonings. The sausage, peppers and onions were a great medley. The sweetness of the red and yellow peppers with the onion were a wonderful balance to the sausage. Now to the berry medley with the homemade whipped cream. My youngest daughter enjoys making confections. Through making her sweet treats she has learned how to make amazing homemade whipped cream. Redi Whip will not do! The Blueberry Cinnamon Coffeecake was made by my daughter as well. Moist, flavorful, the “not so sweet” blueberry was a nice balance to the cinnamon sugar that topped the coffeecake, making the combination a winner!

Mother’s Day Bouquet
My Teeny Tiny Vessels for Flowers

I selected a few flowers from the bouquet to “multiply” my flowers! I have several teeny tiny vessels!

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! I am blessed to have two talented daughters and a son-in-law. We are Family, we love one another, we support each other, we help each other when the need arises. Those values are the foundation of our family. I am grateful for the relationships I have with my daughters.


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