I have not blogged in several months. I retired one month ago, and I am so pleased with my decision. Since my last blog, at the end of October, I have been busy getting procedures written for my replacement. I worked in education as a paraprofessional for the last 21 + years.

When I started, my daughters were in elementary school, I worked at the school they were attending, making it the perfect job. Education is always evolving. The last few years post Covid have been no exception. Students, especially at elementary lost crucial face to face time which has affected academics and behaviors as students struggled with the restrictions and requirements due to our new norm post Covid.

Celebratory Retirement Toast!!!

I am retirement age, I decided after my ankle injury last year, this is the time to do it. I had a plan. When the school year started, I began to work on the execution of my plan, from formally announcing my retirement to writing procedures, wrapping up as much as I could before leaving.

I was asked the last few days before my retirement, “What are you going to miss?”

Without a doubt, the students...hands down. Educators are in the People Business. To do what we do every day, an educator should like people! My favorite students were The Littles, from kindergarten to 2nd grade. My Kindergarteners: they have a special place in my heart. I’ve learned that you do indeed learn everything you need to know in kindergarten! They are inquisitive, chatty, full of wonder and emotions. They often ask random questions and or can have vague information to share. I truly loved my job, an LRC TA. Being able to help students find a book or book series that interested them was such a blessing. I felt grateful to have been a part of the school community, the students, parents and staff became my work “tribe.”

When I was getting ready to retire, staff would constantly ask me, “What are you going to do?”

I have some ideas about retirement. I am approaching retirement one day at a time. I wanted to get there…let it marinate awhile before I decided my next step. I get a pension and social security which even though I had applied, I was “in process…waiting.” Or I’d like to call it, in limbo! I wanted to get finances settled, and then I could start to decide what my retirement would look like.

I received my pension at the beginning of this month. My Medicare and Social Security settled a few weeks ago, along with my Medicare Advantage Supplemental Insurance I chose. Blessed to have all the puzzle pieces falling into place. Now I feel ready to celebrate and begin this new chapter titled “Retirement!”

Photo by Mike van Schoonderwalt on Pexels.c

School Colors Cake by my daughter for my retirement! I am blessed!


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