Learning a Second Language…

In my home growing up, two languages were spoken. Our grandparents came from Poland in the early 20th century. Our father spoke fluent Polish, our mother could speak Polish and (not as well as our dad) she understood it. We, my brothers, sisters and I never learned the language. It has always gnawed at me. Our father passed away 25 years ago. Once he passed, we did not hear the familiar phrases; “Dziekuje, czesc” – Thank you, bye. “Tak i nie” – Yes and no. “Dzien dobry!” – Good morning!

Three months ago, we watched a PBS Mystery series in Polish, there were subtitles. Watching this series inspired me to learn the language my dad spoke in our home while I grew up.


I have made this a part of my morning routine. I have been doing this every morning for over 60 days. I am getting pretty good at the words & phrases I have learned so far. It’s helping me use my brain differently and think. I started out with flash cards, but that involved too much flipping through the cards. I decided to do these sheets. Each color signifies a different set of words/phrases I have learned.

My Polish Words and Phrases Part 1
My Polish Words & Phrases Part 2

I am having so much fun learning a new language. My husband wonders who I will talk Polish with since no one I know speaks it. My inspiration was about learning Polish for myself. I am learning that I am doing a good job persevering with this goal every day. I am learning, I am challenging myself and that is exciting!

Challenge yourself, set goals (start small), and reach for the stars!


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