Part 4: 2022 Garden – Autumn Harvest Done – Bye Bye Garden!

I could have written more articles; our garden was amazing this year! What a blessing! The picture below is what we gathered after taking out the garden. This amount is a little more than what we were getting on a weekly basis, it kept us busy!

We blanched many tomatoes. My husband is retired, so this year he did the blanching. I just made a 1/2 beef 1/2 turkey chili with our tomatoes…so good! There is something about fresh vegetables without salt.

All Done!
Autumn Harvest

We had a great run and count our blessings. A couple of tips I think helped us: My husband laid down soaker hose in the garden so that it fit to the vegetables we had planted. Every few days, he watered. We also had a rain barrel, and we watered from rainwater. There is nothing better than Mother Nature’s natural resources.

I will use the bag below to “turn” my green tomatoes red.

Brown Bag Tomatoes
Brown Bagging Green Tomatoes

We used our tomatoes for our salads, and I used them sandwiches every day. I gave tomatoes away to my coworkers and my family we had so many. This autumn and winter, I will use our blanched frozen tomatoes for soups and more chili. Gardening has been therapeutic and joyful for us!



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