1983 … 2022 Calendar Celebrating Our Anniversary

Today is our anniversary. Fun fact, the 1983 calendar (39 years ago) is the same calendar as 2022. We married on Friday, October 28th, 1983. Today, thirty-nine years later, our anniversary falls on Friday, October 28th, 2022. We went to our favorite place. We had a very quiet table. When the server came over, he [...]

Learning a Second Language…

In my home growing up, two languages were spoken. Our grandparents came from Poland in the early 20th century. Our father spoke fluent Polish, our mother could speak Polish and (not as well as our dad) she understood it. We, my brothers, sisters and I never learned the language. It has always gnawed at me. [...]

Part 4: 2022 Garden – Autumn Harvest Done – Bye Bye Garden!

I could have written more articles; our garden was amazing this year! What a blessing! The picture below is what we gathered after taking out the garden. This amount is a little more than what we were getting on a weekly basis, it kept us busy! We blanched many tomatoes. My husband is retired, so [...]