Lunching with My Sisters

A Table with “A View”

You know how Covid made it difficult to gather? Today, my sisters and I got together for lunch. I have four sisters…I am the middle one. Maybe it’s like “What is the big deal?” We do not live near one another. Gathering requires a little logistics and planning. I have been looking forward to this gathering the entire month of August!

We decided on a restaurant that was strategically in between all of us, so no one had to travel even further. Having had my injury earlier this year, I realized just how much family, love and support means to me. I am beyond grateful all my sisters made the time to gather. The reality is their time is genuinely “a gift.” In person gathering beats any Zoom call or a FaceTime call. Hug your loved ones.

I fed my heart and soul today.

It’s All About the Connections!

#family #connecting #sisters


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