Part 10 – Ankle Injury: Fully Released & Functioning!

On May 18th, I had my last doctor appointment. At that time, I had another x-ray taken and my ankle looks good. My doctor is pleased with my progress! I am heading in the right direction.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1st, I will be officially released from the doctor. I continue with physical therapy. Why? I have balance and due to injury strength issues. The physical therapist is working with me on balance exercises and strengthening my body after this injury. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Not so much!!!

Physical Therapy I am learning is about working on a patient’s weaknesses. I have left there so many times, discouraged and defeated. What I am learning about myself is I have to keep trying, keep preserving, never give up. If I give up…I only hurting myself. I know the exercises are practice, practice, practice. The more resilient I am, the more confidence I have since I am getting stronger and stronger.

My Bionic Left Ankle

Three weeks ago I came out of the boot. Since that time, I spent the first week walking with walker & cane assistance. Next week went to cane only assistance. The third week I am moving around without any assistance. I am going up and down stairs, going out in the yard, taking the garbage out, watering plants. My next goal is to walk a little further.

It’s hard to believe this road I’ve been on began Sunday, 12/26/21, the injury escalated to requiring more serious intervention by Sunday, 1/30/22…four months ago. This injury, the therapy, the dependence on others, it’s been a journey for me. Everything happens in God’s time. I keep thinking…”Are we there yet?”

#inGodsTime #AreWeThereYet ? #Injury #PhysicalTherapy

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