Mother’s Day…Brunch, Flowers & Family

I am so blessed to have a wonderful family that acknowledges me on Mother’s Day! This year they bought the brunch and flowers to me!

Mother’s Day Bouquet

The above bouquet was part of my Mother’s Day present. My daughters made brunch which consisted of:

Quiche, homemade coffeecake & whipped cream for berries with mimosas. Everything was so delicious. The quiche was broccoli, onion, bacon and gruyere cheese so moist, and every ingredient complemented the other.

The homemade cinnamon coffeecake was warm and melted in my mouth. The berries are always a hit with homemade whipped cream. The mimosas were delicious and an adult beverage I rarely indulge in.

Mother’s Day Brunch

I am grateful for the love and support of my family. I am blessed!

My 2nd Mother’s Day Bouquet!

I always wish all the women in my life, sisters, sisters-in-law, my daughters, nieces a Happy Mother’s Day. I feel whether you are a mom, a wife, sister, daughter; women are the nurturers of the world. We take care of our families, our elderly parents, our pets.

I love flowers and family…a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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