Part 8 – Ankle Injury: “From Non Weight Bearing To…”

In case you missed it…

Finally! Yesterday I had another doctor appointment to evaluate my ankle, another set of x-rays to evaluate the healing and what is the next step. I was taken for an x-ray, no big deal. Except that I have not been weight bearing on my left ankle in almost three months. This x-ray was a standing x-ray. The process required me to remove my boot, with my scooter get over to the two steps, step off the scooter, step up to the x-ray platform. How hard could that be? I was freaked out putting my bootless ankle down on the ground after almost three months, being so careful to be non-weight bearing. Next, I need to step up two steps which again felt very weird and get on the platform, place myself exactly where I needed to be. Once the x-rays were done, I had to repeat that process in reverse.

After a few minutes the doctor came in to go over the x-rays with me and the next step. X-rays look good! I am healing correctly. I will be able to bear 50% weight on my injured leg. I am still using the walker for balance and support. How did I figure what 50% was? I stood on scale to get my weight, stepped off and put my injured leg with boot alone on the scale and pressed down until I reached 50%. That gives me the idea of the right amount of pressure when walking.

Using walker for partial weight bearing for balance and support

Next, I watched YouTube videos to educate myself about partial weight bearing walking with a walker. Main take away: Lead with injured leg, hands on walker for support so balancing and most weight remains on back/good leg. CAM boot feels odd, restrictive so it’s important to walk “heel to toe” using proper gait. Since I have not walked in months, my left injured leg & ankle need practice and exercise. Depending on how I get around, I may not need the scooter anymore. That is another step forward in this journey.

Working up to the Blue Cane!

All my physical therapy is scheduled. Therapy will be a tremendous help in recovery and rehabilitation. Baby steps have led me to this point. I feel blessed to have the prayers, love and support of my family and friends during this time of recovery.

Stayed tuned for my next article Part 9 – Ankle Injury: “Are We There Yet…?”


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