Part 6 – Ankle Injury: “No Weight Bearing-Rest and Recovery”

In case you missed it:

Next Step…Purple Hard Cast

My post op appointment was to examine the sutures, take off the splint and give me a hard cast. The cast will stay on for two weeks. When I return to have that removed, I will be placed in a boot and have x-rays taken.

Ankle/Foot pain has been minimal. I do have pain with my arms and my right knee (that has always been fragile) that is now doing all the work during this injury. I wear a knee brace; I am able to take acetaminophen for the aches.

I returned this week to the doctor for suture removal and X-rays. My doctor is pleased with progress. X-rays from post surgical to the day of doctor appointment are matching which is good. All blessings!

Graduated to CAM Boot!

I am able to remove the boot when seated. Non weight bearing CAM Boot on when I get up. While I am seated, with the boot off I have “gas pedal” PT exercise I can do … point toes forward, flex toes back, point toes forward, flex toes back slowly and gently…easy does it! No putting the metal to the pedal!:)

Stay tuned for my next installment in my series:

Part 7 – Ankle Injury: “Another Milestone…PT Begins”


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