Part 4 – Ankle Injury: “Life Learning Begins…My New Normal”

In case you missed:

Now I had to mentally prepare myself for surgery. I had to be absolutely sure I am not bearing any weight whatsoever on my left foot/ankle. I had to get really accomplished at getting up and down from my chair, toilet transfer (it’s a thing I’m learning!) again without touching my foot/ankle to the ground.

Support Bars – a Game Changer!

The word I have learned through all of this is: Leverage. Why that word? My arms have to be able to support the weight of my lower body in order for me to get around in some instances.

Why would that be necessary? Going upstairs to take a shower or leaving the house, crossing the threshold and down 2 steps into the garage. That had to be achieved through a series of getting lower to the ground, but than having the ability to pull myself up from a lower position back to standing.

My Kneeling Scooter provides me more independence

The first weekend in February, the doctor appointments and tests were done, the FMLA paperwork was completed and turned in, the surgeon’s office gave me my instructions and surgery date. All I had to do was wait. I thought, “I have one chance to get this right! I have 1 week to get very good at using the walker, the scooter, getting myself around. I watched several videos. Some of them on the proper use of a walker & scooter. Before surgery, I was required to have a shower with antibacterial soap. I had to educate myself on how I would get up the stairs. Through those videos (I am a visual learner), I learned the best way is going up and down on one’s behind which does not compromise the injured leg/ankle. Once at the top of the stairs, transition to a stool move up to a chair, ready for the walker. Basically, repeating that process on the way down the stairs. Only at the end of the stairs, I needed to lift myself up. I have the scooter right in front of me so once I stand up, I transition to the scooter.

I found the video below which is the best description of my injury and surgery.

Ankle Injury Surgery

I know this experience has challenged me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I am grateful for the love and support of my family and friends.

Stay tuned for my next installment:

Part 5 – Ankle Injury: “Ready or Not It’s Surgery Day!”


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