Part 2 – Ankle Injury: “Why Does My Ankle Hurt So Much?”

In case you missed…

I knew there was a problem, but I was afraid to find out what that problem was. I had to decide, do I face my fears or continue to be afraid and in excruciating pain. I told myself, “Even if I do not go to see the dr., there is still a problem, pretending, avoiding, denying there is a problem, doesn’t make the problem go away.” Ultimately, I knew, I could not keep going with the pain I was in. Although I made that decision, I was still afraid to find out what was wrong. How bad was this injury? Would it require surgery? I just started the new year; I hadn’t met my deductible and copay. I thought about the logistics.

On Sunday, January 30th, I went to Urgent Care. X-rays were taken, I was seen by the staff. The nurse practitioner let me know that I really messed up my ankle, she showed me the x-rays that were taken. The staff could not believe I had walked at all on my ankle, and that it had been five weeks. Again, I spent the first 2 weeks off it. The next 3 weeks, I did as much as I could sitting. My workday is 30% on my feet, 70% I can be seated. When I went home in the evenings, I was off it.

My New Friend!

Before I left, my leg was put into a splint. I walked into the Urgent Care, but that is the last time I have walked. I was put into a wheelchair to leave. I was sent home with scripts to get a walker and a scooter. The walker for tight spaces, (like getting in or out of chair or bathroom.) I was told to call an orthopedic surgeon for ankle surgery.

Having to use of a walker did not thrill me. I am an active senior citizen. All the staff unanimously felt that between crutches and a walker, the walker provides more stability. Crutches without balance can be a hazard.

I will not be able to say this enough about the love and support of my husband. When this happened, he made sure I had everything I needed. We have a two-story house, with shower and bedroom upstairs. He & my son-in-law brought down my bed. The shower situation I will write about later. My husband made sure I had all the resources to be successful. He has taking care of everything in our home, from the laundry to the grocery shopping to taking care of our dog, while he is still working. I cannot express my gratitude and love for his love and support.

Stay tuned for my next installment in my series:

Part 3 – Ankle Injury: “Facing My Fears…Doctors, Tests and Surgery”


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