Part 1 – Ankle Injury: “Oops! I Slipped!

At least once a year, I stumble, slip or fall. I try to be careful, but no matter what precautions I take…I have my “Annual Fall”. Just after Christmas, I stepped into the shower, I immediately slipped and fell! It was so unexpected, so quick, there was no time to catch myself or grab hold of the shower bar. When I attempted to get up, I could not get any traction, it felt like I was on a “slip and slide.”

Ankle Injury

My husband was home, heard me fall. He helped me get up and out of the shower. I was sore and bruised, I had twisted my ankle, which I have done in the past, so I did what I have always done. The RICE therapy: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevate. I was on Winter Break, off work for two weeks. While I was home, and able to keep my foot elevated it was healing, it felt better.

My last few articles were on our Hydroponics Garden. Once this injury occurred, I was unable to get downstairs to our basement to get any more photos of the improved Hydroponics design.

I returned to work the second week in January, and immediately my ankle was excruciating by the end of the day. As my ankle pain was unfolding, I developed a sore throat and fatigue. A part of my job involves me spending time outside in the inclement weather, snow, wind and extremely cold temperatures. I thought the cold weather, my sore ankle was making me tired. Coincidently, those are also Covid symptoms, which I eventually tested positive for. While my ankle was a priority, staying isolated and recovering from Covid took precedence. After almost two weeks of rest, sleep and plenty of green tea, I was better.

Finally, I was able to get my ankle looked at. Stay tuned for my next installment.


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