Hydroponics Update

I wanted to provide an update about our Hydroponics Garden. We saw growth and buds. Eventually after many flowering buds, we did get a few small green tomatoes. The plants were growing, but the flowering buds were not producing any tomatoes. The PVC pipe size was small and my husband could see the roots were getting clogged in the pipe.

Since this was an experiment…he thought that getting larger PVC pipe would help the roots. He bought the pipe and transplanted the plants. The system was working, the Ph balance was correct, but the transplanted plants never came back from the shock of being transplanted.

I wish I had pictures to show you. In my next post I will explain why there are no photos. This experiment with the hydroponics did not turn out as we expected. We keep persevering until we succeed! This experiment is a metaphor for life…

Before the roots were clogged…Flowering Tomato Bud

“Never give up, failing is a necessary part of the journey on the road to success.”

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