Part 1 – 2022 Hydroponics: Do Setbacks Lead to Success?

I have been #thepatientgardener waiting for a progress report on our Hydroponics. Here is what is going on:

The Setbacks: we have had a few green beans. We have a few tomato flowering buds that will look promising than dry up. We removed our lettuce it wilted.

Hydroponic Tomato Bud

Successes: My husband has been watching the water, set up a fan for breeze, added lighting to give more light to hydroponics. We decided to cut back some of the plants growing above the lighting into the rafters!

Hydroponics Cut Back

After Hydroponics was cut back he did 2 things: added more light so the garden has longer light & warmed up the water slightly. He wanted the temperature of the water to simulate the temperature of an outdoor garden.

New Tomato Buds
🤞🏻Another Bud

Do setbacks happen along the way to success? You bet! We keep trying different strategies, we keep watching our garden for progress. This Hydroponic Garden is a metaphor for life’s struggles. We never quit. We keep trying until we succeed. Along the way we learn so much. I said in the beginning this is a science experiment. In science, we experiment, make observations, and adapt to the changes we observe.

I hope this will be successful and the next time I write I can share photos of the vegetables. Everything looks and smells wonderful! So we keep our 🤞🏻.

#science experiment #2022HydroponicGarden #thepatientgardener

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