Part 1: Hydroponics – “One Big Science Experiment”

We love to garden. It is always a “letdown” to be done for the season. We have been thinking, “What if we didn’t have to be done?”

Starting over with new starts

We began to check out different hydroponic YouTube videos. After checking out various ones, we decided on a simple system. This system was purchased through Amazon.

Idea becomes Reality!

My husband has taken on this project. The water needs to be fertilized as well as the Ph level balanced. No dirt, water runs through the pvc pipes to a water reservoir below. We chose to do our Hydroponic Garden in the basement because there is a drain and water source. There is a light overhead and a fan that gently blows to simulate breeze.

Cherry Tomato plant

Stayed tuned for my next installment in my Hydroponic series. Having an adventure, fingers crossed as we take this real life science experiment journey together.

Hydroponic Green Bean plant


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