Creating a Side Gig from Scratch

My younger daughter is a CCU nurse. She has always enjoyed baking. Almost six months ago our daughter started to design and make cakes, for coworkers and friends. Gradually it morphed into a “word of mouth” side gig business that keeps her steadily busy.

Classic Coconut 🥥 Cake
Festive & Fun Cake
Cool Floral Cake
Canine Paw Cake
Reece’s Pieces Cake
Taco Bar Cake
Independent Day Cake
July 4th Cheesecake

Our daughter has a talent for design and execution of her vision. It’s my opinion, it’s challenging and therapeutic. She gets the opportunity to use the creative side of her brain.

Proud of our daughter’s talent in design and the vision she sees to accomplish each dessert order. Taking a hobby and turning it into a thriving side gig is amazing. I always enjoy seeing what she will create next.

Colorization Cake



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