Part 7 – 2021 Garden: “A Gift from Nature”

This is part of gardening every year that teaches me patience. Every year, I cannot wait to see:

First tomato bud
Two more tomato buds

Every day I look for progress. When the progress is not visible, I can get discouraged. I can think the garden is not going to work. That’s me needing to see evidence, proof to believe. Faith is believing in something I cannot see. Hope works alongside Faith to give me something to look forward to, like a goal. Love is the vocation I have found in gardening and the peace it gives me. Faith, Hope, and Love do not always reveal themselves on demand. They will be revealed at the right time…The good Lord’s time.

Garden Beans
More garden beans
Our harvested lettuce
More harvested lettuce

These tiny emerging buds are a gift! Mother Nature provides the organic nutrients; the sunlight, the wind, humidity, the rain. All I need to do is have faith & hope, and tend my garden which I love. The rest is up to God.


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