Adventure…Word of the Day

Word of the Day: Adventure

I come from a family of seven brothers and sisters. Growing up my mother was very “creative” about the adventures we had. We could be in the backyard doing yard work but suddenly we were explorers looking for hidden treasure. We might of had a picnic in our local park but she had a way of making it exciting and mysterious, like we are on this adventure looking for clues.

Backyard adventure

When my children were young and we would take many drives and trips…a few of them with “a wrong turn here or there” that ended up with us being lost. I would say, “we’re having an adventure!” Before long we were “back on course.” I always wanted my children to see every obstacle as an opportunity to persevere, to grow.

A road less traveled

Metaphor for life…adventure is what you make it. For some it’s skydiving, scaling a mountain, or serving our country. For others change or trying something new is enough adventure for them. While for others it can be as simple as a new outlook to: being an empty nester, change of employment, lose of a loved one, moving or the breakup of a significant other.

Adventure = Journey

Adventure is whatever you make it…so make it count, make it memorable and have fun! Thank you for reading!:)

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