A Failed Experience Taught Me To Persevere

Last year I made Easter Bread for Easter. Somehow I managed to make an unleavened bread (I am Catholic) but that’s not what I was going for! haha! I was defeated…realizing the Easter Bread got the best of me.

I researched Easter Bread recipes. I ran across this one: Traditional Easter Bread Recipe The ingredients were similar, the recipe was very similar for one exception…let the dough rise overnight. I decided to try it, this was almost a year ago I discovered this recipe, I’ve been working up the courage to “attempt.”

Easter Bread Wet Ingredients
Flour – 1 cup at a time
Dough ready for kneading
Dough ready to rise – 12 hours

I prepared this in the evening, knowing I would need to let it rise overnight. I set my alarm for 10 hours, it was not ready, I let it go the full 12 hours. Finally after 12 hours it is done rising!

I tried something I’ve always wanted to try…braiding the dough! As apprehensive as I was to try this, of all the steps for this recipe…this was the easiest.

First attempt at a Braided Loave

I am thrilled with the results! While I was working up the courage to attempt the Easter Bread again… I found “making Easter Bread” videos on YouTube I watched for tips and suggestions. The below link was the most helpful:

Italian Grandma makes Easter Bread

Overcoming the fear of failing again was the best gift I could give myself! Failing is just another “name” for the process to try again, to get better, to develop courage and overcome fear and anxiety.

I let my heart guide me. I tried something out of my comfort zone.” Personal growth happens when we challenge ourselves, and self esteem grows by leaps and bounds.

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