Part 1 – 2021 Garden: “The Starts”

As I get older I am discovering the value in every season. Right now it’s springtime. Now is the time to plant starts.

The Beginning
Springtime buds
Seedlings budding!
Emerging onion start

We are trying an experiment…to create our garden from seed. To literally “start” our garden from seed. Our beans have not emerged yet. I may have not started correctly. So yesterday we created new starts removing the old seed. My theory is we put 2 seeds in 1 container and we maybe should have only done 1 seed. Do I know this for sure? Nope! We are taking a risk trying something new which is uncomfortable for us.

I cannot wait until we can put our “toys” in the garden. Our garden angels watch over the garden. The turtle is a Door County Art Fair acquisition.

Garden “Toys” – Whimsical!

Grateful our vocation is gardening. We learn as we go so guess what? We make mistakes, than we go back and revise our plan. Gardening is like LIFE. One does not always know how things will turn out…it’s all about learning, taking a risk and adaptability. I learned this Mantra from our daughter: “Learn, Adapt, Adjust” than 2020 happened and I added a word to my Mantra, “Learn, Adapt, PIVOT, Adjust”

Our Rain Barrel.,.
best garden investment! Helps us capture rain water so garden is naturally watered

Our rain barrel helps get organic water to the garden. There will be days we will be so grateful we captured the rain water as the summer months can be dry.

Stay tuned for more posts! Welcome to Spring 2021!

2 thoughts on “Part 1 – 2021 Garden: “The Starts”

  1. Every gardener has to begin at the beginning. Starting seeds can be easy, or tricky. Depends on the seeds, the soil, the weather, the depth, the watering…so many variables. Beans are usually very easy…maybe just a bit more patience?

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