Turbulent & Chaotic Times

I have not posted in a long time. I am navigating the covid restrictions, vaccinations, world news and random pop up riots. These times are trying and stressful.

During chaotic times I need to “center” myself. Some people may call it “grounding themselves.” I try to eat properly, get enough sleep, keep connected with family and friends. I also keep myself informed.

I am selective and particular about what I watch and listen to. I have not watched main stream media news in years, I do not watch cable TV shows. I limit myself on “the white noise”, especially reality shows.

Several years ago a good friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She communicated her status thru Facebook. Against my better judgement I chose to hop on to social media. My friend has since passed away, therefore the motivation that led to my original decision to be on social media is gone.

I discovered through this past year of uncertainty my original intent, what makes me happy and at peace. I was never a fan of social media. I learned how to navigate in it. I saw ugliness and hatred…that was enough for me to step away.

I made a decision at the end of the year. I removed myself from social media; Twitter & Facebook. I saw “the worst of humanity and yet the best of humanity.” I observed these platforms censoring putting our First Amendment rights in jeopardy, as well as hateful and divisive comments and posts. Yet sometimes I would see joyful posts a friend or family member celebrating a graduation, birth of a child, a wedding so this was not a decision that I made lightly. I reflected for almost a year.

That being said…I learned about the world of social media. From #hashtags to friend requests, inserting pictures, unfollowing vs. unfriending. I learned how to take great photos. I educated myself about social media engagement. The best part of that journey has led me to this blog…


How do I cope during these times? Daily prayer or meditation if prayer is not your ‘jam.” I practice gratitude and optimism. Do I ever get discouraged? Absolutely, I go back to “the basics”. Having faith, praying, connecting with loved ones, eating right, getting enough sleep, smiling (does wonders), laughing…(so good for you!) I try to find joy everyday. During these chaotic times…I extend grace to people that I may come in contact with during my day that are angry, discouraged, frustrated, scared, tired and fed up. Grace is Kindness. It is that simple.

Extending kindness which is grace during these uncertain times is good for the soul.

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