Part 5 – 2020 Garden Journal: “& That’s A Wrap!”

After Labor Day we know we are getting close to the end of the gardening cycle. The last 4 months we began, nurtured and waited in anticipation like new parents for the new growth and buds.

We are nearing the time to dismantle the garden. “All good things come to an end”

Home grown tomatoes & onion

It is difficult to show the garden torn down. The time & energy we spend, to water, weed & prune the plants, watch for insects. After all the care and devotion it will be gone. Maybe that’s why I struggle to show photos of the dismantling.

Our 2020 Garden with everything going on was the most therapeutic and joyful hobby to have during this time. My photos showcase the harvest…

Thank you for following me on this journey. We always learn something, have to be open to Plan B because Plan A doesn’t always work out. We find solutions by through patience, faith and hope!

All done for 2020

Please stay safe and healthy. #thepatientgardener #gardeninglife #gardeningnerd

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