Canine Fallout from Covid

Once in awhile I write about my dog, Dudley. He became my buddy during this pandemic. We were on lockdown and than once in awhile we got out and took a drive. He knows when I am not myself. He is a comfort during this time.

BFFs through Covid

When I went out to mow the lawn or do yard work or gardening, Dudley came out with me to keep me company.

It has been our routine I pick up our groceries with Dudley…I call him “my grocery buddy!” Today, due to a time constraint with another appointment, I could not take him with. In addition, it was a gray dreary rainy day which causes Dudley anxiety.

I left and was able to quickly get back. Once I returned home, my husband said, “Dudley really missed you.”

I responded “What happened?”

He said, “I came downstairs and he was circling around the house and than he went to the door and he banged his head. He banged his head against the door to the garage more times. I called to him and he stopped…he realized I was here and he was not alone. I had him go with me to get the laundry, we went into the kitchen.”

When my husband told me what happened, I said, “This virus having us on lockdown and spending all the time we did together…our dog now has anxiety because he might be left alone. Fireworks, ominous weather days, bad storms with heavy rain lightening and thunder all cause Dudley anxiety.

Covid Dudley

May we get through this time and help Dudley with the anxiety he feels to be alone. If this is happening to our dog, imagine the number of “shadow affects” happening to people through the last six months of this virus. Some areas have been on permanent lockdown, restaurants , bars and places of worship have been dramatically affected with the way they can operate, which for businesses is affecting their livelihoods. What is the long term affect of starring at a computer for 8 hours a day? I know for myself, I don’t get as much exercise, I may not always eat the best.

I always knew this, but now…Self Care is so important! Exercise and eating healthy. If I am taking care of myself than I am a better companion for Dudley. Helping him through showing him attention and working with him on his anxiety…One Day at a Time.

Constant Covid Companion

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