Part 4 – 2020 Garden Journal: “Backyard Harvesting”

A few years ago we had many green tomatoes. We do enjoy fried green tomatoes! But we had more green than we could eat and wished they had turned red.

Tomatoes in brown paper bag

We tried this tip and it has worked for us! The above tomatoes fell from one of the vines, they were very green. I brought in the house, put on our porch window sill. After a few days, we decided to try the brown paper bag tip again. Look at how they are changing!

Too Many Tomatoes for 2 people!

The best part of having too many tomatoes is sharing with friends and family! Last weekend we gave our daughters over a dozen tomatoes.

Vibrant colors!

Sharing, helping, being able to give a pleasant unexpected surprise during these uncertain times…faith, hope and healthy nourishment.

Stay safe & healthy!

Bush Beans, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Oregano & Basil


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