Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I am missing some of the favorites I ♥️ when we go out to eat. So I found a recipe for one of my favorites, chicken lettuce wraps.

Chicken Lettuce Wrap Recipe

Stir Fry Veggies

Julienne Carrots, Celery & Red Pepper, Chopped Green Onion & Ginger
Hoisin Sauce, Kosher Salt, Rice Vinegar, Canola Oil & Cashews
Romaine Lettuce Leaves

I chopped all my vegetables first. When I make again, I can get my vegetables ready earlier (the night before if necessary.). Just before I made the stir fry I cut the chicken into strips.

Carrots, Celery, Red Pepper & Chicken

I cooked on high for longer than the recipe called for. I doubled the ingredients as well as I added extra ingredients; celery and red pepper. I used my wok and allowed the ingredients to “hang out” and cook, get tender. Once I knew the vegetables were tender I added the Hoisin Sauce mixture to finish off the Lettuce Wraps.

Letting everything come together

Once the ingredients were tender I finished it off with the Hoisin Sauce and Cashews

Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps

We enjoyed trying something new! Its light and nutritious! This Lettuce Wrap can be changed up with a different protein and mixing up different vegetables. Can’t wait to try a different combination!:)

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