Part 1 – 2020 Garden Journal: “Beginning”

Gardening and yard work are all hobbies of normalcy. We started our garden & we are starting to see some progress!

Bush Beans from seed starts

Another Bush Bean variety – seeded right into garden

We also did some varieties of lettuce.

First two in Foreground-Romaine Lettuce
Last two in Background-Bib Lettuce

We planted a marigold border…

My favorite is a vining flower plant that weaves its way around our lamp post!

Here we go again…

Herbs bring me back to nature’s spice.



Sweet Onion
Tomato Plant

The gardening, the growth of our starts, the plants we nurture give us an organic hobby to explore and stretch ourselves. We are doing “starts” something we have not used before. Gardening is a vocation, a hobby, can be an experiment to see what works.

Stay tuned as I hope to post more photos of our 2020 Garden.


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