COVID Bird Watching

Is anyone else ready to get out & figure out what our new normal is? While I am navigating COVID rules, I am finding a peace & tranquility in bird watching. Listening to the birds singing is calming & comforting, it’s a familiar sound year after year. Yay! That has not changed!

Bird in Flight

Birds fly in & fly off just as quickly. They give us beauty & a sense of normalcy in this “not normal” time.

Tandem Birds
A bird & his Bird House

Most of all birds give us something beautiful to look at, to reflect on, to watch while they swoop in, get some food, linger, sing & fly off.

Yellow Bird Purple Feeder

I am ready to be done. I am tired of COVID. I am longing for pre-COVID normal. I am tired of waiting…than I see the birds fly into the back yard…a tiny glimmer of normalcy! Springtime, birds singing, gardens getting planted, praying shortly we will be thru this challenging time.

#staysafe #stayhealthy #stayhome

4 thoughts on “COVID Bird Watching

  1. Looks like you have a very cozy spot to do your bird watching! It is such a peaceful and relaxing past-time, especially during these crazy times. Stay well!

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