Vacation Fotos – Spring 2020 Part 4

My absolute favorite fotos from a few vacations. What could be more fun & relaxing than viewing some vacation fotos? Sit back and relax…:)

Anderson Dock – Door County
Anderson Dock – Door County; Flooded Dock Reflection
NOLA street musician
The Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis – New Orleans
The Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis at Halloween festivities
More NOLA street musicians
Bourbon Street – New Orleans
The official New Orleans Halloween parade- Krewe of Boo parade
Quintessential New Orleans
Vegas at night
Old Vegas!
The Vegas Strip from the Air!
Walking path – Greenville, SC
Greenville at night
Walking Bridge
Wisconsin Supper Club “Old Fashion”
Rt. 42 winding stretch of road – Door County
Cana Island Lighthouse
Beautiful state parks – Door County
View from the top of Cana Island Lighthouse
Galena Vineyard
Gorgeous View!
Water & Boats…the best self care therapy!
Breakfast with a View
Sunset on the Beach

Having faith we will be able to vacation in the near future…Stay Safe & Healthy!

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