Garden Fotos – Spring 2020 Part 3

It’s almost time for the garden! There is something almost spiritual about a garden. From getting the soil ready, to picking out the correct plants, getting them planted and than watching them grow. Sometimes the garden can lose its way a little due to insects or weather. It’s our job to “tend” the garden to keep it free of weeds and insects, which can be a metaphor for life! My best garden fotos:

At the Beginning…
My Garden Guardian Angels, gift from my sister!
Another Angel Cherub
Garden Romaine Lettuce
Bountiful Garden
Harvest Vegetables
Fresh Basil!
A Raspberry!
A Good Day For Tomatoes
Home Grown Green Beans
My Bowl Runneth Over…
Peppers & Beans
Harvesting all the Vegetables
Basil & Oregano
Homegrown Tastes Incredible
Our Last Tomatoes for the Season
Bird Taking Flight!
Part of the garden scape

Gardening is about faith, hope & love. Hoping all will stay safe and healthy!:)

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