Let’s BE KIND!

With the COVID-19 stats ever evolving…The last week has changed everything! People are scrambling at grocery stores, restaurants and bars just closed, schools are closed, no large group events.

Today, I went to the grocery store and was pleased to find some water! When I got to the checkout, the checker informed me that I could either get 2 Distilled gallons of water OR the Ice Mountain waters.

My Choice!

I replied, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see the sign.”

The checker went on to explain why they had to limit the water. I said, “I get it! I applaud your store for limiting the TP and paper toweling that sign I did see. It makes sense, it levels the playing field for everyone.”

The checker responded, “Thank you for not being angry!” My heart ♥️ sank like a deflated balloon. She is working in a store with other people, putting herself at risk for COVID-19 and store patrons are yelling or angry because they cannot get more than the limit on water, TP and paper toweling.

This virus, our change in our routines, the stores being empty, the scrambling from store to store to find supplies. Its all a little scary and anxiety causing. Stop, take a deep breathe, exhale and remember… “We are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!”

Above all, lets remember to Be Kind!

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