Reviving the “Family Sunday Dinner”

When I was growing up we always sat down for a family Sunday dinner. We gathered and we shared about our week. It was always something to look forward to and to be together.

When I decided I wanted to do this, I knew I did not want to meet at a restaurant with TVs playing sports or news, or loud music. I wanted us to really connect, without the cell phones or the “white noise” that a place can offer. Today, we had our 1st Family Dinner, everyone brought something.

Panko Parmesan Chicken – our new favorite!

Roasted Brussel Sprouts – absolutely delicious!

I have two adult daughters. Both young professionals with busy lives. One, an accountant and the other an overnight nurse. Their dad works at the local hospital as an engineer, gathering for our family is challenging especially during the holidays. For quite awhile I have had this idea…what if we gathered once a month for a Family Sunday Dinner? I texted my daughters and asked them if they were interested. They said, “Yes!”

Kale Chips…Amazing!!!

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies – a treat!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – a healthy treat

Who knew when we decided on a family dinner, we would be in the midst of the COVID-19, and social distancing would become the on trend 2 buzz words! It was so wonderful to sit down together without it being a holiday and just connect and catch up! While we were together, we called my husband’s mom, my daughter’s grandma who is 86 years old and doing great through this crisis. We all had an opportunity to connect with grandma who lives a distance away from us. It was nice to check in with her.

Blessings today as we navigate through this unchartered time…my family bonds, my extended family and friend connections. I am grateful for my “tribe.”

Who is in your “tribe?”

Pablo – our canine “tribe” family member

Dudley – also our canine “tribe” family member

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