Today is the End…Tomorrow is the Beginning!

How was this year for you? Last December 31st, what were your hopes for 2019? Did you meet or exceed your expectations? Was this year one of the worst you’ve had in a long time? Every New Year brings about Hope & Faith to tackle those New Year’s Resolutions or to start the new year with a clean slate.

Last year, my husband had a health issue that started with a standard procedure, went on to ByPass Heart Surgery, which developed into AFib and other complications. While that was going on, his employer changed and he was required to re-apply for his current position if he wanted to keep it…drug test, finger prints, etc!!! I was never so glad to say goodbye to 2018. That was a difficult time, but I find when we have challenges…we seem to connect more, we communicate because it becomes necessary and we have after 36 years of marriage always walked “across that bridge” so to speak to the other side better!

I am embracing what 2020 has to offer. We have a daughter getting married this year, we are one more year closer to retirement. We are in full swing with developing the ongoing “dance” we have with our adult daughters. We are incredibly blessed to have two independent daughters who have established their careers, their lives and allow us to be a part of their lives!

As I countdown to the end of 2019, I reflect on the highs and lows of this year.

Highs: Our family time, my husband’s improved health, our garden

Lows: Storm that caused a lot of damage, a hawk shattering our porch window

I am looking forward to ringing in 2020 with all the new possibilities and a clean slate !

Happy New Year! Thank you for reading my blog posts!:)

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