“What is Your Joy?”

Last weekend I went to a new Primary Care Doctor appointment. This is a big deal for me because I have not had a Primary Care Doctor for over ten years. I do the maintenance; the OB/Gyno appt., my mammogram, I get blood work through my employer.

I reflected, “I’m getting these wellness labs done, but unless I discuss it with a primary care dr., no one will ever see my results, no one will help me make possibly corrections that I may not know I need to do.”

While I was at the doctor, we ran through a checklist:

1. Have you had your flu shot?

2. Do you have your appointment with your OB/Gyno?

3. Is your mammogram scheduled?

4. Have you had a colonscopy?

5. What’s your Joy?


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I think about that all the time, “Finding My Joy”, but here I was at my doctor’s office and he was asking,

“What’s your Joy?”

At first I thought it was a trick question! It seemed weird to me initially, but our emotional wellbeing is as important as our physical wellbeing.

I find Joy in my family, in my work as an educator, which is helping and connecting with kids everyday, in nature, in simple things; a bird at our bird feeders, in vegetables growing in our garden, a sunset or sunrise, in harmony and balance.


Little Girls Reading Together!
Soulful Eyes
Fresh Basil
Home Grown Vegetables
Street Music
Well Schooled Musicians!

Fresh Homemade Bread…
Unexpected Bird’s Nest with an Amazing Surprise!
Flooded Pier Creates a Mirror Reflection during Sunset
A Day at the Beach

What is Your Joy? If you are not sure or you have never thought about it…maybe its time you Discover Your Joy!:)

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