The Coffee Bean Book – #BeTheBean

I heard this story before this summer. I knew Jon Gordon and Damon West were releasing “The Coffee Bean”. Without revealing too much but perking your curiosity…

This is a story that starts with a carrot, an egg and a coffee bean. It has a simple message that is relevant for all ages. Once you’ve read this short story, you will have to decide which one you are!

This is a great book for Professional Development, it is a wonderful Leadership resource for sales meetings, kids groups, sports groups, even a classroom read.

I read this book, and saw the beautiful message it has. I work in education, I thought this book would be really good for our staff. Last Friday, before heading out I gave the book to my principal. She was “knee deep” getting ready for our Institute Days so I did not get a chance to say anything at that time to her. I am support staff, I knew this was a great book, I was not sure my building leadership would find value in my suggestion.

I hoped my principal would at some point get a chance to look at this book. Maybe eventually she would use it at a staff meeting. Today was our first 2019 2020 SY staff meeting. Part of our agenda was to hear a story.

Imagine my surprise when my principal told the staff that I had shared this book with her, she liked it so much she was going to read a short part from my copy, but her copy will arrive shortly! She went on to tell the staff that another staff member did the coffee bean cards you see below and our local coffee shop was so inspired by our principal and the #BeTheBean message, they are ordering a copy and donated the coffee beans!!

Looking forward to passing this message on and…

For more information go to The Coffee Bean Book.

Remember to #BeTheBean!


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