Nature’s Teacher

Each year we start our garden confident we know what we are planting, when it’s going to harvest and how much to water.

We know we have everything properly spaced apart. What we never can predict is Mother Nature, the weather, how dry or rainy it will be, will insects be an issue? We start in the spring hopeful about our newly planted garden.

We could not anticipate the hail rain storm that produced so much damage, by some miracle our garden survived. Nor could we anticipate if we would get enough rain, so we have a rain barrel to keep flowers and garden watered.

Bush Beans & Guardians Angels
Kale, Swiss Chard & Green Beans
Garden-One Month old!
Today’s Garden

Gardening requires a “leap of faith” and patience. We learn something every year. Two years ago our tomatoes were too close together. Last year our cucumbers grew wild and we got very few peppers. We also had lettuce in containers. Once we harvested the first few times of lettuce, we had trouble getting more lettuce leaves. This year we planted kale and swiss chard in our garden, it’s been producing all summer! Our garden is a “work in progress.”

Today’s Harvest

Perseverance and faith while gardening, staying the course helps me during uncertain times with issues like inclement weather that can be out of my control…just like other areas of my life.

Nature’s Life Lesson!

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