Back From Door County! Part 2

The water is where its at in Door County! We took a 2 hour cruise, the captain was very informative about the area.

We heard great things about our dinner destination, Wickman House in Sisters Bay. Great vibe, food and service was amazing!

Fresh Bread and Butter

Deviled Egg – Wickman House style!

The Beet Down cocktail

No trip to Door County would be complete without visiting Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant, known for their goats on the roof! Swedish pancakes and meatballs was our choice.

After breakfast we headed over to Peninsula State Park. The ranger as we checked in, recommended we walk the Sunset Trail near the lake about 3 1/2 miles drive in. Gorgeous, beyond gorgeous drive!

We walked the Sunset Trail

Wishbone Tree
Sunset Trail View of Lake
Sunset Trail – Peninsula State Park, Door County
Clear Lake Water!

Can a person go to Door County and NOT stop at a Winery??? We stopped at Lautenbach’s for wine tasting.

Our last stop of our Door County adventure was at Harbor Fish Market & Grill. It has a nautical atmosphere, the bar has cozy couches. The windows at the front of the restaurant look out over the lake.


Our last stop the next morning was to a gem I found earlier this year online! Door County Coffee & Tea!

Door County Coffee Warehouse – it’s where the Magic Happens!

We had a great time exploring and discovering all the wonderful things to do and see in Door County. The other “take away” for us was the kindness & friendliness of everyone we met! A very casual, laid back region of hospitality!

We hope to get back here in the Autumn to see the Fall colors…we hear its spectacular!

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