Back From Door County 1st Time! – Part 1

We went to Door County this past weekend to discover all Door County has to offer. Its somewhere we have always wanted to go. Before we got to our destination we stopped at a festive pub, “Island Fever Rum Bar & Grill”

We chose to have a few small bites and a cocktail to kick off our adventure!

Lobster Flat Bread

We stayed at a quiet, out of the way place in Baileys Harbor. We decided to check out the surrounding areas. One of our items to check off our list was a Wisconsin Supper Club and we found a gem…Nightingale Supper Club! One of the things we all noticed about our experience in Door County. We were served by a variety of people, men, women, young and old. The older generation has it going on! At Nightingale Supper Club…From the chef to the servers were all women, there was a handful of male busboys. These women were spot on with their service…anything we asked for, they could do! We all tried an Old Fashioned, amazing! My husband asked for a Whiskey Sour, and he actually got it the way it is intended to be made!

Best Old Fashioned

After eating we drove up 42 to Fish Creek, Ephraim & Sisters Bay to see those towns.

Water overflowing the dock is reflected in this photo

Iconic Anderson Dock – great backdrop for Selfies!!!

The next day we had breakfast at White Gull Inn, without a doubt the best breakfast! The building is iconic, from the road in front of the Inn, the is a slice of a scenic view of the water. We walked down there to capture the beauty of the water.

Best Breakfast – amazing food, friendly staff!

After breakfast we drove up 42 once again to Ephraim, Sisters Bay driving to the tip of 42 to the ferry to Washington Island. Along that drive is the curvy road leading to the dock!

We went over to Newport State Park – a “dark sky preserve.” We walked a trail, before continuing to our next stop a lighthouse! We saw the Cana Island Lighthouse. Interesting fact…when you look at the map of Door County, the lighthouse is literally on the tip where its located. When we visited…the causeway had overflowed, a tractor pulling a wagon had to come get the visitors to the lighthouse!

Tractor pulling wagon for guests across causeway for Cana Island Lighthouse

The lighthouse was amazing, the day was clear and sunny, beautiful! Below are some pics…

The speck on the ground is me!

View from the Top of Lighthouse

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Door County Adventure!

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