Sentimental Family Recipes

Over thirty years ago my husband and I lived over 2,000 miles away from my family. I would call or write my mom and ask her for recipes. One day I said, “Would you write down some of your recipes?” My mom wrote down a few of the special cherished family secret recipes that I asked her for. Its been seventeen years since she passed away, those recipes have become her Legacy to me. I am appreciative that I asked her for some of our family’s cherished recipes. Since my mother passed away, there is something sacred, beautiful and calming to have a recipe my mom took the time to write in her handwriting to give to me! Its indescribeable…it is a beautiful gift! Its as though she is with me!

There were certain things that only my mom would make. One of her specialities was Peas & Carrots in a very light cream sauce that she would only make at Easter. She is the only person I know that made this dish. I never asked her for this recipe, because I thought she would always be there to make it! I have not tried, nor have I ever seen this recipe duplicated.

That was years ago, I have raised my own daughters and we have made meals, desserts, etc together, my husband’s family had treasured family recipes. It got me to thinking…what if I put all the Sentimental Cherished Family Recipes in one place? Instead of going to this book, or that recipe card, or calling a family member who might remember how to make that recipe?

My Sentimental Family Recipe Book

Inside this book are recipes from my mother, my husband’s family, recipes I found over the years that are my daughter’s favorites. I have them online for myself, but I also have this book to pass down to my daughter’s one day.

Easter Bread

As we get ready to celebrate Easter, for me, it is all about family, great food and connecting. Thankful to my mom who knew the importance of “breaking bread” over sensational homemade, “one-of-a-kind” recipes! I love celebrating the moments we have with our family bond. Just as my mother’s Legacy was to pass some of her recipes onto me, her recipes & other cherished family recipes are part of my Legacy to pass onto our daughters.

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