Imagine If a Classroom were like a Garden…

You plant a garden…

Than you wait.

You water so the garden grows…

Than you wait.

Some things do really well others succumb to weather or insects…

Than you wait.

If your blessed, you start to see growth in the plants & they take off but while all this is going on…

You wait.

One day while your waiting you go out to check the garden…

This is the reward for having the patience to wait!

First Bounty!

“Imagine if this garden was a classroom of students & the gardener was the teacher…!”

The seeds get planted with your students everyday.

The watering is the compassion, some students are like the fragile plants we try to nurture to build relationships, to help them thrive, build resilience.

If you are blessed real growth & thriving can happen almost overnight in some students while others take a little longer…each student has their own timeline.

Rain Washed Lettuce
Rain Washed Leaves
Vegetable Garden

Gardening is similar to teaching…

#thepatientgardener #gardeningnerd

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