Authentic Self

Daily Post: Authentic

We live in a world that produces fake news, social media has made it possible to create a fake self online where our lives look full of love and adventures and everything is wonderful.  Reality shows…are they really real, or are those shows scripted with “this year you’re the villain?”, “this year you two are friends even though you could not stand each other last year.” “This year you’ll take a trip where some fake drama will play out all season.”

Is that fake self who we really are?

What if we tried to be our authentic self?  Being Authentic is where Vocation and Passion are ignited.   To help me be my Authentic Self I practice Gratitude & Kindness everyday.  When we strive to be who we are truly meant to be…the possibilities are limitless!

Authentic is Real and Organic…

Home Grown






A Bounty of Organic Authenticity!
2017 Summer Home Grown Authentic Vegetables from our Garden!


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